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Deluxe videopoker bonus multihand

Description: Deluxe bonus multi-hand video-poker.Choose between 5 , 10 ,25 , 50 , 100 hands.

Category:Video Poker

Number of Times Played:67676


1 reviews for Deluxe videopoker bonus multihand

Review by Dominic

I love poker and I study the game as much as I can, dont get to play as much as I would like but love it all the same. I think the number one rnreiqemuet to play good poker is discipline. If you know the basics regarding starting hands preflop in early middle and late position you can develop a reasonably solid game with ease, problem is a lot of people me included look down at QJ in Early position and think just once 1/4 of your stack later .. the after thought ..I should have mucked that ..

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